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核心提示:商务英语关于合同的句子【一】 Beforesigningthecontractthisafternoon,Ithinkwebettergooverfewfinaldetails.下午签署合同之前,我想我们最好再过一遍最后几个细节。下面是商务


Before signing the contract this afternoon, I think we better go over few final details.下午签署合同之前,我想我们最好再过一遍最后几个细节。下面是商务英语关于合同的句子的内容,希望对各位有所帮助。  



1. We are satisfied with the terms of this contract for the most part, but we feel that your terms of payment are too severe.  


2. We would like to have another discussion of these conditions in the afternoon before there are finally included in the contract.  


3. Before signing the contract this afternoon, I think we better go over few final details.  


4. We’d better draw up a rough draft to the contract then talk it over in detail at our next meeting.  


5. This is a copy of our specimen contract in which the general sales terms and conditions are contained.  


6. We hope that you won’t object to our inserting such a clause in the agreement.  


7. If any other clause in this contract is in conflict with the supplementary conditions the supplementary conditions should be taken as final and binding.  


8. We think it is necessary to include a force majeure clause in this contract.  


9. After studying your draft contract we found it necessary to make a few changes.  


10. Since both of us are in agreement on all the terms shall we sign the contract now?  



1. This agreement will remain valid for one year and shall become effective on the date of signing.  


2. We’d like to make the contract to be valid for two year at the beginning.  


3. I think we better make some changes in the wording of this sentence.  


4. Isn’t it better to word it in this way?  


5. I’d like to replace this phrase with “after the date of delivery”.  


6. If neither party considers it is necessary to extend the contract the proposing party may take the initiative to conduct negotiation with the other party one month prior to its expiration.  


7. In case of breach of any of the provisions of this agreement by one party, the other party shall have the right to terminate this agreement by giving notice in writing to its opposite party.  


8. If you fail to make the delivery ten weeks later than the time of shipment stipulated in the contract, we shall have the right to cancel the contract.  


9. If both parties do not agree to renew the contract at its expiration, it will automatically become void.  


10. If you want to terminate the contract before its terms is up, you should notify us of its cancellation six month before.  



1. We think your draw contract needs some modification.  


2. Any modification alteration to the contract shall be made with the consent of both parties.  



3. No changes can be made on this contract without mutual consent.  


4. We must make it clear in the contract that you are obliged to complete the delivery of the good within the contractual time of shipment.  


5. If the shipment can not be made within three month as stipulated, the contract will become void.  


6. This agreement is made both in Chinese and English. The two versions of agreement shall have equal status in law.  


7. This agreement is drawn up separately in Chinese and in English. Each part hold one original and one duplicate of each language. The two languages are of the same effect.  


8. Both versions of this contract are equally authentic.  


9. Any amendment of the contract shall come to force only after the written agreement is signed by both of us.  


10. The contract shall become effective as soon as it signed by both parties.  




The contract is made out in English and Chinese languages in quadruplicate, both texts being equally authentic, and each Party shall hold two copies of each text.  


This contract is signed by the authorized representatives of both parties on Dec. 9, 1999. After signing the contract, both parties shall apply to their respective Government Authorities for ratification. The date of ratification last obtained shall be taken as the effective date of the Contract. Both parties shall exert their utmost efforts to obtain the ratification within 60 days and shall advise the other party by telex and thereafter send a registered letter for confirmation.  


The contract shall be valid for 10 years from the effective date of the contract, on the expiry of the validity term of contract, the contract shall automatically become null and void.  


The outstanding(未了的)claims and liabilities(债权和债务)existing between both parties on the expiry of the validity of the contract shall not be influenced by the expiration of this contract. The debtor shall be kept liable until the debtor fully pays up his debts to the creditor.  


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